Vast product range providing many industries
Conventional covered yarn with elastomeric core
Latest high tech covering and winding machinery
Big range of polyester and nylon colours

What We Do

Elasticos Yarns is a leading South African manufacturer of covered yarns for the textile industry.
We have developed a vast product range to provide quality products for the Sock, Hosiery, Knitting, Clothing Manufacturing and Medical fields. We utilize Conventional and Air covering processes to ensure the delivery of cost effective products for these individual environments.
Single covered yarnDouble covered yarn


Conventional Covered Yarn that requires the Elastomeric core to be protected for extreme use. We produce the following types of yarn in this process: Plaiting, Sock Top, Shirring Elastic, Hat Elastic, Welt and Cuff Elastic, yarns for Medical Applications.

Air Covered

A cost effective alternative to conventional covered yarn in a plaiting application. We offer this yarn in Natural and Dope Dyed Black Polyester along with our range of Nylon Colors.

Shirring Elastic

Developed for the Clothing Industry as a fashion item that allows designers to be more creative in their style. We offer a range of Nylon and Polyester Colours.